Good cores are important and help keep costs down for everyone.

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       Core information:

       For such parts that require a core to be returned there will be a refundable core charge being assessed in addition to the cost of the part.
       The core must be returned in timely specified manner and it must meet core return criteria which will be explained before any sale is made.
        Upon receipt of your good core the core refund will be issued to  you.

      Please remember to keep the box, package or shipping container the new part came in as very often your old core must be returned in the same box or shipping container.
      This  is also true for any part you receive because in the event you need to return it for any reason it makes it much easier to do so if you have the undamaged original box
      the  part came in, many businesses refuse to accept parts returns if the original packaging is missing

      For engine cores the following should be noted:

       Some parts shipped will require a core being returned to us or to another location, depending upon the item being returned we sometimes pay the entire
        cost of the return  core  and at other times you the buyer will be responsible for core return costs.

      For core returns we ask that you the buyer and we as the supplier communicate with each other to be sure the item gets to the correct location by the correct method of
      transport (truck / UPS Etc.) and that any return paperwork and truck bill of lading is made out correctly, doing so will help prevent mistakes and misunderstandings.