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Parts request form: The information you provide helps us get you the right part for your particular needs

Please provide your machine *make and *model as well as machine *serial number. If you need component parts such as an engine also include your engine model & serial number. If the part you need has a casting number either stamped or embossed please provide it and if there is more than one set of casting numbers on it please record whichever number set has a identifier mark (generally a chisel mark --- or an x ) which is found on only one of the numbers sets. The identifier mark will be found either just at the beginning of one of the number sets (most of the time) but sometimes may be located at the very end of one of the number sets. Location of a part attached to machine (left or right side) sometimes matters, please include it in your request. Thanks

To fill in boxes place mouse (cursor) in the first box (name) and after filling in your name then press the Tab button on your keyboard to go directly to the next un-filled box, when done press submit and we will contact you in whatever manner you wish: phone / email   * The words above & below in the color Red indicate their importance especially: make,model and serial number. mower.gif  * Hints on ordering or returning parts can be found on Shipping page


More information concerning parts & components can be found on

pages: FAQ  Cores  Shipping or call us with your question.